Monday, April 1, 2013

Why I'm going from 0 to 60 as a blogger

Perhaps my "why" is that I'm an April fool.   I am joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge and plan to post EVERY DAY this month.  My last post was last August and my blog seems never to have gotten off the ground. Of course, then I went and started another one.  So the idea of adding a daily blog post to my already busy life when I've never had any consistency with it would appear to be setting myself up for failure.  This after my last post was my definition of SUCCESS.


I have a lot of whys between August and April.  Some answer the question, why commit to this? others answer why now? and still others answer why blog in the first place?  I'm going to let them all live together in this post.

  • I appreciate the value of making commitments
    • One commitment I made was to "dialectical abstinence" as part of a DBT therapy group
    • I used my unique love of acronyms to reduce my anxiety around planning (this allowed my to make better commitments to myself)
    • I developed habits of prioritizing 3 actions a day and letting the rest go
  • I value community and actively seek it
  • I am really appreciating the idea of practicing habits
    • Training myself to move forward even if I don't have it all figured out yet
    • Since January first, I've added habits & sharpened skills
      • Decision-making
      • Prioritizing
      • Setting an intention, following through
      • Positive self-talk
    • I have brought some other long-standing habits out of hibernation
      • Practicing TM
      • Writing in a gratitude journal
  • Sometimes I need a gimmick to get something done
  • I took an online course about writing a home-based business plan
  • I severed some attachment to needing approval
  • I got some approval and support when I made it clear I needed it
  • I reduced hours at my job, not to blog instead of work, but to focus on eating disorder recovery and get systems in place for my family to better navigate our busy lives
  • A side effect of the reduction and refocus is that I can choose more things that are for ME, such as telling my tale bloggily
  • I get to have a hobby that is not just escape, but true renewal (yeah, I still escape... Scramble With Friends, anyone?)
  • It says "Give your blog a boost!" and Hello! My blog needs a boost!
  • I liked Michelle Schaeffer's emphasis on results being motivating.  I bought into the idea that maybe if I blog every day for a month I will see results instead of dawdling forever.
  • I wanted an excuse to be on my computer
  • I love a challenge
  • I am impulsive 
There you go!  From zero to sixty on April first.  Let's see what speed I can maintain and what that means for speeds in other areas of my life.


  1. You said it! This whole business of building habits is tricky. I realized in the bathtub that I have less than an hour to do my Day 2 post. I'll whip one out to stay on track but maybe first thing in the morning would be a better idea?

  2. Wow! I admire your courage and commitment! :)

  3. THANKS! Just reading that comment turbo-charged my commitment! Now I'm psyched to go to bed so I can post again tomorrow!


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