Thursday, April 11, 2013

Practically perfect in every way

Tonight, I was in an online chat room, a place of encouragement within Brook Noel's Make Today Matter life system, tonight, musing about what to write on my blog.

"What do you usually write about?" someone asked.

"My imperfections," I said, trying to be brief, and reflecting on my willingness to be vulnerable lately.  "Life journey."

"How about writing about something that is perfect about you?" she suggested.

Change it up.  I like change.  I knew right away I needed to do this post, but I've been lost in perfectionism (and trying to write a different post, not the one I needed to write) about figuring out what  is perfect about me.

Everything I want to write about is either less than perfect, involves giving myself credit for accepting my imperfections, giving myself backhanded compliments, highlights the good traits that complement my flaws, is wonderful or excellent but not perfect (very much in the eye of the beholder), and so on, and so on.  Or, I could write a list of almost-perfect things about myself, that would perhaps, by sheer volume, appear to approach perfection (a modern-day Mary Poppins, say I).  Or I could dissect the word 'perfect' and find things that fit every little part of the definition, and that would be a close approximation of perfect.  We could get some thesaurus action goin' on.

Or I could just quit and say, forget it, people, nobody's perfect.  Nobody has even one perfect thing about them.  Excellent, but not perfect.  Unique, even, but not perfect.  Or I could make a joke about my sports fandom or my hometown or some other affiliation being an obvious sign of perfection.  Or I could tell you that my husband thinks I'm perfect and the rest of you boys and girls can just eat your hearts out.  Or I could wax philosophical and tell you about Plato's cave and that I am a shadow that is an image of perfection.  Or I could tell you that God is Perfect and I'm a child of God made in his image, so there must be some perfection involved.

Or I could veer off and teach you the word "perfect" in many languages.  Or I could give you a mouthwatering recipe for the perfect morsel and IT would be perfect enough for enough people that my sharing it would reveal that I have touched perfection.

Or I could just keep brainstorming long enough to hit upon the one thing, the one little thing about me, that is truly perfect.

And at that moment, I would hang my head in disappointment and soberly conclude my post, with the realization that telling you my perfection would instantly spoil it, and I would lose the only perfection I have.

You see my dilemma.


  1. I have things in my life that are perfect about me that are laced with imperfection - it's about embracing it, accepting it, even celebrating it! That is what makes it perfect! Love your post!

  2. A fun rant, thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be back.


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